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Joe H of Stuart

Scott and Jeff I’d like to thank you and compliment all of your employees for the excellent service you provided me last week on the painting of me 1989 Lincoln Town Car. I am very pleased with your service I received at your location. You show the expertise and Professionalism and ability for the job well done. Many residents within my community were shocked with your work performed. LOOKS GREAT JOE GREAT. The vehicle looked as though it just came out of the showroom. Again I like to thank you. I will be happy to write any review of the great service you perform.
Joe H

Laura H

Scott + Crew ,
I want to take this opportunity to Thank You all for the wonderful paint work, you did for me on my Honda! I can’t even tell where the dent was. That color matches the original very nicely. You sure have my “seal” of approval and I have and will continue to refer your business enthusiastically to others. Thanks again, Laura H.

Paul V. of Palm City

To Affordable Auto Painting
This is a letter of thanks to all of you at Affordable Auto Painting. Thank you for the hours of work you put into my 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata that I just picked up earlier this month. I smile every time I look at my car and I have you all to thank for that smooth shine.
I wish I could personally thank each one of you. My hope is that Jeff or Scott posts or reads this to you all in person so you know that your work does not go un-noticed and that it is very much appreciated.
I’m not sure if it was a team effort or an individual but thank you for taking the time to mask the car so well. The door jams, the hood, trunk and all the light fixtures, were all done beautifully. Also impressive was the masking in wheel wells, the radiator, the windshield perimeter as well as the tailpipe. I know all that effort takes time and attention to detail to pull it off correctly. It’s clear to me that you are skilled and that you take the time to do it well.
There was some repair work required prior to paint and this too went well and exceeded my expectations. My car entered your shop with numerous and randomly scattered chips in the front, clear coat condensation on the hood and occasional door dings along the side. When my car left your shop these imperfections were filled and feathered and nicely shaped to match the body. Another job done well was the rebirth of the trunk lid. As you may recall, I brought to you in a different color. I’m impressed how you effectively covered the hidden underside of the old grey trunk to the matching new color. Again, I know good work takes drive and determination. I shall continue to be grateful for your work every time I open the trunk.
As for the paint finish, I think you did a fine job creating a similar surface and texture to the new vehicle. Very recently I had the opportunity to park near a brand new car. As I angled my head to examine the finish, I thought the finish on my Miata was a good and perhaps ever better than that new car.
I must tell you what initially won me as a customer was Scott’s sincere and un-assuming manners. Auto painting is a very special and complicated business and even though I’m familiar with automobiles mechanically, the paint and body business is still very mysterious so I had to place my trust in the skills of your shop. With Scott being the direct interface with the customer, his words are the foundation a new customer uses to envision the final effort of your shops work and I believe he does an excellent job and honestly describes your team’s talent. Although I never had the opportunity to meet the owner Jeff or the rest of you folks, I can tell by working with Scott that everyone in your company aims to do exactly what they write out on the work order. Perhaps that sounds trivial, but the act of doing what you say you will do is the essence of ‘credibility’. Credibility is something very special and is not something you can buy. It’s a reflection of who you are, and how you treat others. It’s clear that you all have learned that very extraordinary talent in your life’s journey.
Because I want you to all know that my letter is sincere and my words of appreciation are true and accurate, I feel I must mention all my thoughts and impressions. About the only item that did not exceed my expectation was the car being a darker shade of red than I had envisioned. I was puzzled at first as to why but I believe it’s related to the metal flake percentage. I can see there isn’t as much of the shiny metal flakes as before and I suspect fewer silver flakes makes the paint appear darker then the OEM. TO be fair, I know Mazda’s Velocity Red 27A ‘MICA’ is a special paint and has a very large percentage of little metal flakes. I assume it must be difficult to spray these flakes. In hind sight, I may have requested adjustments or altered color, but please don’t let that item distract you from an overwhelmingly positive job.
Again, your work is commendable. Please contact me if you need an independent reference or an on-line review. My cell is 772-xxx-xxxx and again extend my sincere thanks to everyone.
Regards, Paul V.